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Boonex Dolphin Review

March 6, 2013 1 Comment

Businesses, clubs and other organizations are increasingly looking for ways to build online social communities that let users do everything from shop, chat, post advertisements or announce events. These comprehensive online communities allow users to connect with one another in new and exciting ways. Boonex Dolphin is a social platform that allows users to build vibrant, easy to use community websites for their group or organization. Here is a Boonex Dolphin review that outlines exactly what users will get from this software, as well as some of the major features.

What You Will Get With Boonex Dolphin

There are many benefits to using Boonex Dolphin software to build your community website. Users should know the things that set Boonex Dolphin apart from other similar software packages.

The first thing users get is unrivaled functionality. Boonex Dolphin software comes with 36 preloaded modules and more than 2,000 different features. This rich and capable community software allows users to customize their website as they see fit. With so many functions and features, people are only limited by their own passion and creativity.

boonex dolphin review

Boonex Dolphin also comes with native apps for IPhone, IPad and Android devices. Many people are now turning to Smartphones and tablets as their main medium for viewing the Internet. With these native apps, users can extend their online community to mobile devices, which allows them to reach more people and makes viewing the site easier for people on the go. This is an especially large advantage for anyone selling products or arranging events where people might need instant information.

Boonex Dolphin also allows the site administrator to have absolute control. They will not only host the site, but also own and control it. Of course, Dolphin Boonex administration will be there to provide help along the way, but the rest is up to the user. This gives the user complete control over the content of the site, how it looks, and how users will interact within the online community.

The most important thing that you will get from Boonex Dolphin is unlimited potential. With thousands of features, extensions, languages and templates users can develop their community website into something big.  Dolphin Boonex puts all of the power at your fingertips so there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

boonex dolphin social network software

Features of Dolphin Social Network Software

No Dolphin Boonex review would be complete without an explanation of some of the features. Dolphin Boonex bills itself as the world’s most comprehensive social software package so it really has too many features to list all at once. Here are some of the major features of this software package, but there are many more. The best way to get a full understanding of the features and power of Dolphin Boonex is to visit their website and check out the demo, but here are just a few of the highlights.

One of the biggest features of the Dolphin Boonex community website software is that people can use it to place ads.  Site members can browse through custom categories, look at prices and even photos of what is being sold. This feature is especially valuable for any community that is selling arts and crafts or other types of products.

Those that want to use the Boonex Dolphin software to conduct monetary transactions will be happy to know that the site is equipped to handle payments supported by different modules. It is easy to use and streamlines the process so that users can pay in a variety of ways without ever leaving the site.

boonex dolphin vs phpfox

People that want to post articles, announcements or blogs will be able to do so using Boonex Dolphin. This could be anything from someone’s personal cooking blog, to a community bulletin board that is used to announce meetings or events. People can add photos to the text and even links to social network sites that will allow them to spread their message quickly. Many organizations can benefit from this kind of easy to use software that will allow them to reach a large group of people at the same time.

Boonex Dolphin software also allows community members to chat with one another in a variety of ways. Multiple users can chat at the same time and even stream video while they are doing it.  With custom chat rooms and rich formatting users will be able to communicate with each other easily, which is one of the main reasons to have a community website in the first place. Users will appreciate the chance to communicate with other members of their online community so that they can share ideas and exchange information.

Facebook and other social networking sites are among the most popular on the Internet, so people want to know that their online community software is easy to connect with their various social network sites. With Facebook Connect, users can log on using Facebook and even match their Facebook friends with members on the site. This is an invaluable way to help build an online community quickly and invite others to join.

As with many online communities, users like the options of customizing their page so that it is truly a reflection of their personality. Not only does Boonex Dolphin allow users to choose their own custom avatar, but they can also customize backgrounds, fonts and other UI elements. Users appreciate this range of functionality, as it allows them more individual freedom to change their profile as they see fit.

One of the biggest and most important features is the online store. Many communities will want to use Boonex Dolphin software to buy and sell products. The store feature allows users to upload and sell products and allows site members to collect payments. This allows sellers to communicate directly with their customers and to connect with potential buyers. It uses well-known features like the shopping cart, which most users are familiar with from making other purchases online.

Some users will want to build a clientele and make money simply by selling membership to the site. Another popular online marketing method is to sell various levels of membership or access to a site. Boonex Dolphin allows administrators to customize their membership as they see fit. This means they can charge to join the site or even offer better deals or more information to users that choose to become full members.

boonex dolphin mobile app

Boonex Dolphin also allows users to connect to other popular apps and sites from around the Internet. Users can connect to the World Map that will allow them to browse published content with grouping and zoom features. Boonex Dolphin also connects to GeoNames and Google, which allows users to do postal code searches for people in various parts of the world.

These are just a few of the many features that Boonex Dolphin software offers to users. There are many more, so those that are interested should look at the free demo on their website to see how their online community can benefit from this software. Now that users know some of the features, they should know some of the different ways they can benefit from them.

Who Can Benefit?

There is really no limit to the types of organizations, businesses and other groups that could benefit from Boonex Dolphin online community building software, but here are some of the most common types of users. This will allow potential users to get an understanding of how their group might be able to benefit from this software.

Artists are one of the main groups of people that can benefit from Boonex Dolphin software. This platform will allow everyone from painters to musicians to get their work out there and maybe even make some sales. Not only that, but Boonex Dolphin can provide a support system and community for people in the art world by allowing them to chat and share information.

Boonex Review

Non-profit organizations and churches can also benefit greatly from using the Boonex Dolphin platform. They can make announcements about future events, use the software to raise funds or sell products, and even try to recruit new members.

Some users are just looking for a place where they can get all of their entertainment and games. Boonex Dolphin allows gaming communities to come together in meaningful ways. Not only can they communicate about different games, but can actually play them on the site.

Job services, classified advertisers, bloggers, real estate agents and other types of eCommerce can all benefit from the features of Boonex Dolphin. It gives people a one-stop location where they can get all of the information they need.

Dating services are more popular than ever and Boonex Dolphin software will allow users to create their own customized dating site where people can find romance or just meet new friends.

There Are No Limits

As you can see from this Boonex Dolphin review, there are really no limits to the type of people that can benefit from this software. The huge amount of built in features and modules allows people to customize their community website in any way they choose. Just about any group or organization can benefit from having a vibrant, easy to use website that brings their community together.

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  1. Thank you for detailed review! We’re now about to release Dolphin Pro 7.2 – lots of improvements, responsive design, updated plugins, etc. It may be a good idea to re-review it in a couple of months.

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